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The Change Man is here to support individuals as they encounter life’s major changes. If change is the only constant, remembering how to thrive on change is a critical life skill. Through coaching, mentoring and powerful training, Simon Phillips distils the wisdom of the greatest teachers of all time. Change is not something to be feared; embracing change makes us more resilient, more energised and more in harmony with the world of infinite possibility.


Simon Phillips (aka The Change Man) is an experienced consultant, coach, trainer and speaker on all aspects of change. In particular, he specialises in professional executive development helping individuals thrive on the changes in their own careers and how to support their teams and organisations through change. His books focus on the core skills of a change maker and have been sold all over the world. Simon On Amazon


Be Kind To Yourself

How often do you berate yourself? Tell yourself off for being an idiot / always being late / putting your foot in it / wishing you’d not said that / failing to hit a goal / missing an opportunity. As the quote says, we talk to ourselves far more than we talk to anyone else…but …


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